Healthy and Taste-full

Our Food Philosophy

Good food doesn't have to be bland!

Food is supposed to be sense driven. We experience food with taste, but also touch and visually. We believe enjoying food is one of the privileges of being human. We also know eating clean and healthy takes time and effort--which is not easy, especially when our days are packed with work, school, family and life.

That's where we come in. We want to help you achieve your eating healthy lifestyle choices--while also enjoying the foods you eat. Each week, we'll present a slate of healthy options to choose from. This is not an ingredients box where you still have to prepare the meal--these are ready to go options that can feed you and your family.  

We use only the finest organic ingredients to craft flavor-full options that are Whole-30 friendly or Paleo focused.  Vegetarian options are available on request too.

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